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5 Other Uses of Tea Bags

By :Jonna Coja 0 comments
5 Other Uses of Tea Bags

Tea drinkers have their own preferences on how many times they will use their tea bags. Some like to use a tea bag twice to get that mild brewed flavor, while others use it up to three times. After using the tea bags, they usually throw it on the trash bin.

But did you know that your used tea bags could be upcycled? Here are some ways you can still use your tea bags at home as part of your beauty regimen.

1.       Eye Relief. After pulling out an all-nighter, eyes may get puffy and dark circles will appear the next day. Use two tea bags, preferably green tea or black tea, and let those cool down in the fridge. When cooled, place the bags on top of eyes for at least 20 minutes. After use, wash and rinse the face.

2.       Pain reliever. Tea bags may be used in burns like sun burns, insect bites and rashes. Chill the tea bag first, then rub on selected area to lessen the inflammation of the skin. Make sure to consult a dermatologist if allergies or sudden redness occurs.

3.       Shoe odor. A natural remedy to remove shoe odor is using tea bags. Get old socks and place the dried tea bag inside. Seal the sock by tying it close and place it inside the shoe for a few days to absorb the foul odor.

4.       Face scrub. Dried tea leaves can also be used as a facial scrub like coffee grounds. Tear open the used tea bag and let out the dried tea leaves. Use the leaves to gently exfoliate the face. Dried tea leaves may help in shrinking large pores and give out a healthy glow on the face.

5.       Hair conditioner. Brew the tea bags and let those cool down completely. After brewing, pour tea into hair until completely saturated. Leave it on the hair for at least 10 minutes so the it can be fully absorbed by the roots. Rinse then shampoo and condition your hair as normal. 

Other than the things listed above, tea bags can also be used to clean furniture and mirrors around the house, to refresh old carpets, to add flavor to pasta and rice, and even to fertilize pot plants.

Since people are staying indoors due to the recent crisis, it is best to be more creative and efficient at home. Upcycling your tea bags is a great way to help Mother Earth.

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