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5 Uses of Coffee Grounds

By :Jonna Coja 0 comments
5 Uses of Coffee Grounds
One of the things that people love to do when staying at home is having a cup of coffee. There are a lot of coffee instruments nowadays that they can use to make this possible such as a handheld coffee drip, coffee press, manual coffee grinder and more. There are people who prefer brewed coffee over instant coffee because of its richer aroma and taste. Also, it has better health benefits than the latter like reducing risk of diabetes, heart diseases and more. Brewed coffee lovers usually throw their coffee grounds after using it twice or thrice depending on their preference. But there is more to coffee grounds than just being a source of rich coffee, as they also have different uses at home and can even be used in beauty routines. Here are other uses of coffee grounds: 1.       Removes fleas from pets. Apparently, fleas or ticks do not like coffee. Used coffee grounds can be a natural treatment for pets who have fleas or ticks. Make sure that the coffee grounds are used externally and will not be eaten since they contain toxins that are bad for pets.  Owners can rub the coffee grounds on their pets’ coat after shampooing, and then rinse them off. 2.       Neutralize odors at home. Coffee grounds can help absorb and eliminate foul odors at home. It can also be placed in the fridge or freezer to neutralize the different odors inside. 3.       Exfoliate your skin. The coarse particles in coffee grounds can work as an exfoliating product that can help remove dirt and dead skin on the body. It is advisable to exfoliate at least twice a week to avoid skin irritation. 4.       Reduce appearance of cellulite. Simply mix coffee grounds with water or coconut oil and rub it on the affected area for 10 minutes. It can be done twice a week to avoid skin irritation. 5.       Reduce swelling and redness under the eyes. Coffee grounds contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help tighten and reduce redness of the skin. Mix grounds with aloe vera gel and a tablespoon of Vit. E oil. Apply it under the eyes for 15-20 minute then rinse afterwards. Before throwing out your used coffee grounds, consider trying above methods around the house and you can even help save the environment.
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