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Interesting Facts About Civet Coffee

By :Jonna Coja 0 comments
Interesting Facts About Civet Coffee


One famous variant that all caffeine addicts should know of is Civet Coffee or Kopi Luwak. It is an Indonesian term that means “coffee” and “civet.”

Here are some fascinating facts about the most expensive coffee beans in the world:

The Asian Palm Civet can be found mainly in Asia, Africa, and even in southern Europe. They live mostly on trees in the forest and mountains.

It is also famously known as the ‘feces’ coffee because it is actually the feces of the Civet. It may sound a bit worrying, but harvesters usually wash the remains in the mountain streams and then, they are processed differently: dried, roasted, ground, and brewed.

The Palm Civet has a wide variety of food, but they mostly eat berries, specifically coffee berries, mango, bananas and many more. Harvesters assumed that the richness of the Kopi Luwak coffee beans by the Civet is because of its digestive process which usually takes around 24-36 hours.  Because the Civet is a picky eater and only chooses fresh fruits, it helps in giving freshness to the beans.

Civet coffee is considered the most expensive coffee in the world. Harvesting Civet coffee is very uncommon since it came from a wild animal that is not usually seen around the world and only in specific countries. It also has a limited supply, but high demand due to its unique taste and aroma.

Make sure that the Civet Coffee that is being sold is a certified Kopi Luwak. Since it is gaining popularity worldwide, there are a lot of Civet Coffee being sold. But some of this coffee came from harvesters who mistreat or abuse Civets by forcing them to eat only coffee berries. 

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