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The Four Popular Coffee in the World

By :Jonna Coja 0 comments
The Four Popular Coffee in the World

Did you know that there are around 100 types of coffee in the world? Coffee lovers aim to taste every single one of them. In every region, they have their own coffee bean specialty. It depends on their location and altitude from the ground because coffee beans usually grow on high lands and mountains.

Out of the 100 coffee bean types, there are four that are widely known worldwide: Arabica, Robusta, Liberica and Excelsa. These four are the most common and popular coffee beans. These are the ones we usually see in coffee shops, restaurants, and groceries. As a coffee lover, one must know the many differences among these four types. Each coffee bean has its own unique flavor and aroma.


What makes each coffee bean unique?


Arabica coffee is the most famous and has the highest quality out of the four coffee beans. It is grown mostly around the world in high altitudes, which gives it a strong to mild flavor and less caffeine content. Even though it is the most famous type of coffee, it can be difficult to produce because it is prone to diseases and can be easily influenced by its environment. One infected bean can already affect other beans beside it. It should be located in an area with lots of shade and receives steady rainfall.

Arabica beans are even considered the most expensive coffee beans because of its quality. Its beans have a bright brown color, possessing the right amount of acidity and strong but flavorful taste and aroma. Arabica has more acidity than the other beans, but lesser caffeine.

It is best served hot and as it is because it can lose its qualities when served with cold water and cream.



Robusta coffee contains lesser oil than Arabica, which gives off a more acidic taste. This coffee is best served as an espresso because of its strong and bitter taste. It has 50% more caffeine than Arabica. This type of coffee can be easily harvested because it has a high tolerance to its surroundings. It can also protect itself from diseases because of the high percentage of caffeine in a single bean which acts as a self-defense to diseases.

When brewed, it has a smooth texture, low acidity and even with a hint of chocolate flavor. It can be mixed with creamer and sugar and will not affect the taste and quality.

Robusta coffee is what is usually served in restaurants and coffee shops because it is easier to harvest and has a lower price than Arabica.


Liberica coffee is an interesting looking bean. It has a bigger shape than others and the only coffee bean in the world with an irregular shape because of one side that is bigger than the other.

This coffee was first harvested in the Philippines during the American colonialism. When there was shortage of coffee beans, the Americans was able to export Liberica beans from the Philippines to the U.S.

The taste of this coffee is also interesting; it has an incredible aroma and a floral and fruity flavor. Though some people don’t prefer this coffee because it also has a smokey and woody flavor to it. One good thing about this coffee is that it can be mixed easily with other coffees such as Arabica and Robusta.


Excelsa coffee is usually grown in Southeast Asia and considered as a re-classified member of the Liberica coffee. Like Liberica, it can also be mixed with other coffees so it gives off extra flavor to the drink.

Even though Excelsa is considered as a member of the Liberica coffee family, it still has its own unique characteristics and taste that make it different from other coffees.

When you’re a coffee enthusiast, with one sip of coffee, you may already know what type of coffee it is. Knowing the differences can help you distinguish the flavors and characteristics of your drink. It is not necessarily required that you know the different types of coffee; what’s important is you’re enjoying yourself and having the best time while drinking that perfect cup of coffee to complete your day.

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