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Owl 3-in-1 Kopi Siew Dai (Less sugar)

Price: PHP 209.00
Brand: OWL

Enjoy your drink without worrying about sugar with this milky-roasted coffee. Meaning “less sweet” in Singaporean lingo, this 3-in-1 coffee will be your on-the-go drink for your less sugar... Read More

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Owl 3-in-1 Original White Coffee Tarik

Price: PHP 279.00
Brand: OWL

A special hand-pulled beverage with an abundant taste of an Original White Coffee fit not only for solo drinking but also for sharing - anytime, anywhere.       Read More

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Owl 3-in-1 Strong Coffee Box

Price: PHP 89.00
Brand: OWL

A coffee well blended to suit your desire for something stronger. Made with high quality Robusta and Arabica coffee, its classical taste will sure bring you the comfort of having coffee, non-dairy cre... Read More

Owl 3-in-1 Kopi-C (Kopitiam Roast) Box

Price: PHP 99.00
Brand: OWL

This specially formulated drink will give you a perfect mixture of roasted and milky coffee with a rich aroma. Also made as a soft and unsweetened blend, it’ll definitely make your mornings more... Read More

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Owl 3-in-1 Regular Low Fat Coffee

Price: PHP 219.00
Brand: OWL

Compromising your drink for something healthier is in no need with this 3-in-1 Regular Low Fat coffee. Its well-blended coffee, non-dairy creamer and sugar will undoubtedly help get you through everyd... Read More

Owl White Coffee Tarik (Hazelnut)

Price: PHP 269.00
Brand: OWL

A drink that will provide you a delectable taste of Hazelnut and creamy White Coffee delicately blended in one. Partner this with your choice of food and sure it will be your favorite combo.  ... Read More