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Trung Nguyen Creative 5 Ground Coffee

Price: PHP 529.00

Premium Arabica beans from the highlands of Vietnam. An intense, dark yet smooth flavor in one cup.

G7 Mocha Cappuccino Instant Coffee

Price: PHP 279.00

Lightly flavored with cocoa, perfect for chocolate lovers.

Trung Nguyen Creative 3 Ground Coffee

Price: PHP 479.00

Arabica beans from Vietnam's highlands that gives off a sweet and refreshing aroma in every cup. 

G7 Hazelnut Cappuccino Instant Coffee

Price: PHP 279.00

A unique traditional hazelnut that takes on a tropical ride! 

G7 3-in-1 Instant Coffee

Price: PHP 309.00

G7 is the only instant coffee in the world extracted directly from unroasted coffee beans. 

Trung Nguyen Creative 4 Ground Coffee

Price: PHP 499.00

A blend of Culi Arabica, Robusta, Chari and Catimor. A strong and deep taste in one cup. 

Trung Nguyen Buon Me Thuot S Special

Price: PHP 429.00

The S blend is famous for its rich broad flavor and buttery mouthfeel. Made from traditional Vietnamese butter roast blend of Arabica, Robusta, Chari (Excelsa), and Catimor beans.

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