Nature's Apothecary - Hibiscus Herbal Tea Blend (60g)

399.00 php

Brand: Nature's Apothecary

Category: Tea


Hibiscus Herbal Tea Blend is a spirit-lifting beverage with a deliciously tart, almost cranberry-like flavor that's enjoyed hot or cold. It also contains a number of healthy, natural compounds to keep you going strong. A comforting cup of Hibiscus Tea is not only a great escape, but good for you as well. There is more to the Hibiscus plant than meets the eye. Hibiscus sabdariffa or the Roselle plant is used for traditional medicine, food, and tea. Many countries drink this tea hot or cold because of its delightful taste. Premium loose leaf tea. We farm only the highest quality ingredients so you can enjoy the most delicious, healthful tea every day.