Nature's Apothecary - Oolong Loose Leaf Tea (80g)

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Brand: Nature's Apothecary

Category: Tea


When tea leaves go through a fermentation process halfway between that of green and black tea, they turn golden-brown. This type of tea produces a russet colored "liquor" known for its fruity flavor and invigorating characteristics, neither a black tea nor a green tea; it falls into its own category of tea, hence the apt name "Oolong", which is Chinese Nature's Apothecary Oolong tea is produced when tea leaves are oxidized in direct sunlight until they give off a precise and pleasant fragrance – somewhere between apples, orchids, and peaches. Nature's Apothecary Oolong tea benefits your health in a variety of ways including drinking oolong tea for weight loss. It has a distinct flavor with caffeine content midway between black tea and green tea.