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Natural Health Stevia

Price: PHP 149.00

Stevia is the name of a small bush, native to the rainforests of eastern Paraguay, traditionally used for centuries by the Guarani Indians of the area to sweeten their herbal tea called “Yerba M... Read More

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Camp Greens Pure Stevia Powder

Price: PHP 249.00
Brand: Camp Greens

PURE stevia powder from the leaves of the plant without the stems. NO added filler, bleach, bulking agent, or any other chemical. Used as a sugar substitute, and about 10 times sweeter than table suga... Read More

Bee Well Honey

Price: PHP 349.00

Bee Well (300 grams) lets you enjoy your favorite healthy sweetener at its purest and most natural form: raw & wild. Raw means that it is unprocessed. Wild means that there was no human interve... Read More

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