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Benefits of Cacao Tea and The Rich Culture of Cacao Industry in the Philippines

By :Jonna Coja 0 comments
Benefits of Cacao Tea and The Rich Culture of Cacao Industry in the Philippines

The Philippines is known for its rich culture and tradition. It is surrounded by a lot of beautiful and unexceptional places with a tropical rainforest climate. Our rich culture keeps us stronger amidst the challenging circumstances we go through.

One very promising business industry in the country involves Cacao. The Philippines became the first cacao center in Asia back in 1670, when a Spanish mariner had planted a cacao tree in Batangas through the galleon trade. Mindanao has always been the region that produces most of the cocoa in the country. And Davao, the Cacao Capital of the Philippines, has been producing the majority of cacao with their almost 30,000 active hectares for this industry.   

Cacao Culture Farms is considered to be the first company to notice and consider cacao’s other benefits. They focused not just on producing our favorite Tablea alone, but they also tweaked and innovated cacao as a beauty and wellness product. They produce a Vegan type of Cacao that is perfect for a lot of health enthusiasts. They also explored the idea of cacao as a tea base, cacao as an exfoliating soap, and regular cacao as body soap.

We’ve listed down three benefits of Cacao Culture Farm’s organic Cacao Tea.

1.       It is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids

Cacao Tea is made from cacao husks. This makes it abundant with a compound that helps in fighting cell-damaging free radicals. It can also help in the prevention of clogged arteries, promoting blood flow.

2.       It is a vegan product

Cacao Tea from Cacao Culture Farms has no animal product content which is perfect for losing weight. It may also help in lowering your risk of heart disease and pain from arthritis.

3.       It is sugar-free

Cacao Tea is sugar-free which is good for people with diabetes. It also lowers the risk of illness and diseases.

You may purchase Cacao Tea at this link:

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