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What is Cold Brew Coffee and How to Make It

By :Jonna Coja 0 comments
What is Cold Brew Coffee and How to Make It
Coffee is probably the go-to drink that everyone clings to when they need to feel energised and motivated in helping them accomplish their daily tasks. Before leaving the house, students and office workers drink a cup of their favorite coffee brew for energy. Those who are always on the rush can always drop by coffee shops or convenience stores to get their fix. Nowadays, there are many types of coffee that people drink every day. The usual is their hot coffee from the coffee maker, while some are into colder drinks like iced coffee or frappes. But the coffee trend that everyone is talking about is the cold brew coffee. Is it different from the usual iced coffee? Yes. The difference lies in the preparation concerning time and temperature. Iced coffee is usually brewed the same as hot coffee and brewing can be done for 15-20 minutes. For cold brew coffee, it takes a lot of patience since brewing in cold or lower temperature water can take up to 12 hours. Cold brew coffee may sound complicated to make because of the amount of preparation time but it is actually easy and the result is very satisfying. The longer the ground coffee is saturated in cold water, the stronger the flavor, but less of the bitter taste. This is because of the lower temperature of water and higher brew strength which gives off a sweeter and richer flavor. Even though it has a sweeter taste and less acid compared to the natural brewed coffee, it has a higher caffeine percentage. It is because the ratio of coffee is higher than the water ratio. It may not be the best choice for a go-to drink since it takes a lot of preparation time. Though it can be prepared overnight or during the weekends, which makes the brew readily available on working days. It can also be customised depending on the preferred taste of coffee; sugar can be added, as well as milk to have a creamier flavor. Coffee shops currently have their own blend of cold brew coffee if people don’t have the time to make it in their homes. They have their own flavors and blends that are perfect for the coffee lovers. Want to have your own cold brew coffee? Check out Tea and Coffee Depot’s coffee products in this link: Want to try other mixes for cold brew coffee? Check out this blog about different recipes for cold brew coffee:
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